About the company

Hyde Park Investment Services, Inc. (HPIS) provides advisory, analytical, and executive services to investment decision-makers. Our company was founded in 2015 in Chicago and named after the Hyde Park neighborhood, the home of the University of Chicago. Today we are an international team with a track record in private and public equity, corporate development, real estate, and other investment transactions.

Our clients include executives and directors of private and public companies, investment firms, and family offices. We are very proud to have retained our clients over the years while working on some of the largest and most complex transactions in the marketplace. We believe that clear and quality analytics and professional execution are keys to well-run, successful transactions.

Our team offers a wide perspective on investment transactions and markets. We possess financial, operational, and strategic know-how from running business and overseeing investments. We offer subject matter expertise in financial and business analytics, market analytics, transaction structuring, and other technical matters. Finally, we bring business development, project management, negotiation, and other communication capabilities and senses to the execution of investments. We count engagements in well over fifty industries in North America, Europe, and Asia and over $16 billion in closed transactions.

Over the years we have made several expansions of our enterprise. Our branches outside of advisory include private equity holdings, public equity holdings, and physical commodities. The goal of these branches of our enterprise is to operate and invest in ventures, where we have a competitive advantage, often together with incumbent leaders.

Our advisory business

We live by the values of rigor and integrity that thrive at the University of Chicago. We communicate openly and strive to become trusted long-term partners to our clients to enable them to focus on principal matters and informed decision-making. We are here to help our clients make good investment decisions, professionally run transactions, and fulfill their strategic equity goals.

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Since 2016. Evolution Careers is a professional training and career development company. It creates and administers various educational and professional training programs, such as internships, seminars, coaching, and mentorship programs in partnerships with universities and employers. The company’s mission is to create the best learning scenarios that make the next generation of professionals ready for the most competitive jobs.

Since 2017. ASDW is a production and brand management company in the consumer goods and entertainment sectors. ASDW partners with creators to nurture and realize their ideas into marketable products. The company enables creators to engage professional business operators while keeping focus on their crafts and fans.

Since 2018. Orion is an industrial facility with a focus on underserved materials markets. Capabilities include sourcing, controlled storage, processing, and recycling of industrial raw materials. Orion’s particular expertise includes vegetable oil and plastics such as PP, HDPE, and LDPE. The company has recycled well over 10,000 metric tons of post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

Since 2018. Quant Turtle is a proprietary investment system that uses a combination of fundamental research, quantitative methods, and game theory to achieve investment goals. QT’s main objective is to outperform the S&P 500 with minimal market exposure. It does so by foregoing diversification and leverage and making few, high confidence, long only investments in zero to ten S&P 500 equities.


Job openings are announced through our LinkedIn page.

Four to ten weeks internships are available for college and graduate students year-round. The internships are co-managed with career development partners.

Please direct HR inquires by email to

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September 2023 Update: The company operates remotely.

May 2022 Update: Office in Tarrytown, New York opening in July 2022.

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January 2020 Update: Due to COVID-19, our offices are closed down. The locations below are now closed.

New York


Los Angeles (Santa Monica)