Machine learning applications for stock trading

Our data science team achieved a milestone in applying deep learning to stock trading algorithm development problems. Our proprietary trading algorithm achieved 70%+ success rate in delivering a 3%+ monthly return through extensive back-tests on last 4 years daily price dataset with 1 week offset (i.e. more than 70% of tests delivered a monthly return of 3% or more).

LBO of a behavioral health center

HPIS assisted a private investor group in due diligence of a Florida-based behavioral health center and rehabilitation facility focused on treatment of drug and alcohol addictions and other behavioral health issues.

Innovative blue chips

In July 2013 we created a U.S. stock portfolio to test a few ideas: buy & hold blue chips that have a track record of developing innovative technologies and products focus on Internet technology, fintech, gaming, and defense industries ignore short term trends, rebalance annually hold fewer than 20 assets In 2014 BABA was added to the portfolio.┬áThe red line…

LBO of a $40+ million fast food franchisee with over 25 locations

We assisted a private investor group in developing market research and financial analysis for an acquisition of a fast food franchisee company with over 25 locations. The transaction was structured with participation of the publicly traded franchisor and included strategic expansion encompassing two countries in the APAC region.

Three LBOs of home care providers

HPIS assisted a private investor group with financial modeling and writing investment memoranda for three separate acquisitions of home care providers in Florida. The combined entity will seek further acquisitions to expand service offerings and improve operating efficiencies.

LBO of a flooring equipment manufacturer

HPIS built a comprehensive financial model and prepared a market study for the investment memorandum. Our model included several financing scenarios, detailed operating forecast, break-even analysis, and complex waterfall and carry functions. The market study included an analysis of flooring equipment, flooring, and construction markets in the U.S.: market sizes, participants, trends, forecasts, etc. These materials were used to raise…

LBO of a solar-powered light tower manufacturer

We assisted a private investment group in market research and financial modeling for the leveraged buyout of a solar-powered mobile light tower manufacturer.