Named after Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago, the home of the University of Chicago, HPIS provides analytical and executive services to corporate and investment decision-makers. Our clients include executives and directors of private and public companies, investment firms, and family offices. The company was founded in 2015 with the idea of facilitating transactions and projects with high quality analytics, research, and executive services. Our team has substantial expertise in several professional domains and a track record with over $14 billion in closed transactions. This website contains information on our completed and ongoing projects, company milestones, research topics, and careers at the company. Our contact email is 

Recent Projects


Private Equity Managers

Delegate analytics and execution to our team and focus on developing relationships, management, and fundraising. We deliver the necessary elements and functional coverage to multiple transactions each year that represent billions of equity investment opportunities.

Corporate Executives and Team Leaders

We support business expansions and innovations with world-class insights and executive services. Our track record includes working with teams and processes across various industries and cultures and developing understanding, trust, and long term partnerships.

Real Estate

We provide market research, operational and financial modeling, macro trends, and portfolio analytics for real estate funds, REITs, and asset managers. Our track record includes work in residential, industrial, commercial, and infrastructure sectors.

Hedge Fund Managers

Acquire original insights and extend your team with analytical and technical support for research and trading. We stay current on market trends, technology developments, and trading practices to help customers make better decisions.

Early Stage Managers

Achieve milestones by outsourcing non-core executive functions, business analytics, and investor relations. Having started several businesses, we enjoy working with early stage managers on bringing their ideas to life.

Search Fund Managers

Since 2013 we have been helping search funds with deal sourcing, due diligence, and post-closing projects. Our goal is to enable a more efficient search process that connects every entrepreneur with the right acquisition.


Due to COVID-19, since 30 January 2020, we operate remotely. Our offices will remain closed until further notice.

New York


Los Angeles (Santa Monica)

Evgeny Maslennikov, Founder

Born in Moscow, Russia, Evgeny obtained his first law degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University where he concentrated on English and American law and legal history. This degree resulted in a thesis, that was awarded a distinction, on the origins of judicial precedent in common law. The work has been researched extensively with primary sources at Oxford University and the London School of Economics between 2004 and 2008. Evgeny started his professional career in 2007 at Noerr LLP, a top ten European law firm and the second largest German law firm with headquarters in Munich, Germany. Evgeny’s practice included mergers & acquisitions, antitrust (competition) law, corporate and regulatory law. He advised Daimler, Siemens, Google, AMD, Motorola, Alcoa, Flextronics, Komatsu, McDonalds, Siemens, Alcoa, Beam Global, among other American and European corporations and investment groups on numerous transactional and compliance matters in Russia, Europe, and around the world. While at Noerr, Evgeny has published articles and book chapters on corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, antitrust law, and other subjects. In 2013 Evgeny obtained a Master of Laws from the University of Chicago Law School, where he concentrated on business and finance and received an outstanding service award. In addition, he completed two more years of graduate studies at the University of Chicago in the fields of business, finance, management, and American culture. Evgeny continued his career in Chicago with several private equity groups where he analyzed hundreds and contributed to tens of investment mandates. After founding HPIS in 2015, Evgeny moved to New York City and studied U.S. GAAP before dedicating himself to a full-time role at the company. Under Evgeny’s leadership, HPIS has developed expertise in a wide range of industries, asset classes, and transaction types and had grown to operate three offices in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. In 2021, Evgeny stepped down from CEO position, but remains at HPIS part-time. Connect with Evgeny on LinkedIn: