S&P 500 - Daily AI Prediction

Every morning, Quant Turtle, our investment AI, reviews the latest S&P 500 data and makes a prediction of where the index will close on that day. We update and publish this data at 12:30pm ET. Two variants are shown: % change from previous market close and index value at market close. The function is experimental and is expressly prohibited from any business or investment use.

Reports are provided as a demonstration and are intended to provide quick visual reference and the ability to generate sharable observations. Reports are updated regularly to reflect latest available data. From time to time, we add new features, data sources, and reports. Reports use data from unaffiliated third party sources and their data is provided ‘as is’. Even the most reputable and reliable data sources are known to have errors and gaps. We verify and correct errors when they are found, but we can make no representation as to the accuracy and completeness of data in these reports. We welcome any feedback in our inbox: info@hpisinc.com.